Sell your iPhone 4 for Money: Quick and Easy way of selling iPhone 4

If you were among the first people to purchase iPhone 4, you might want to sell your iPhone 4 now after using it for some years. However, there are few resources that will offer you the money that you need to purchase the latest iPhone version in the market depending on the price that Apple is charging for the device. Over the last months, both existing and new customers that are eligible for iPhone upgrades have had to pay approximately $200 for base model of every iteration of their iPhones since iPhone 3G, provided that they agreed to the new 2 year service contract from Verizon, Sprint or AT&T.  Users of iPhone 4S are typically not eligible for the upgrades although they can sell their iPhones. We understand how tricky the situation is and we want to help you get the best deal for your iPhone 4.

Resale price of iPhone 4

Perhaps, the question that you might ask once you have decided to sell iPhone is how much you can get for the device. Basically, the price of a used iPhone 4 varies depending on several factors including the unlock status of the device as well as the overall condition of the phone. Nevertheless, once you opt to use our service while selling your device you stand a better chance of getting a better deal on your iPhone 4. We can even help you in calculating the true market price or resale value of your device to ensure that you get the maximum amount of cash from its sale.

List your iPhone

Many prospects want to know more about what they are paying for. As such, it is important that you provide details of your iPhone 4 to prospective buyers. This includes sharing information about the condition of the device. You can also include photos of the phone for prospective buyers to view. This will give buyers confident that you actually want to sell your iphone . It is important that you provide the latest photos of the device to prospective buyers.

Ship the iPhone

Once you agree to the price that prospective offer, you need to package your device properly before shipping it to them. This is very important especially if you intend to sell another iPhone online in the future. Proper packaging ensures that the buyers will leave a positive review of you after receiving the iPhone.

Best experience ever

Selling an iPhone 4 should not be a challenging task or a hassle. It should be a simple, easy and fast process that will take you minutes to accomplish. It should not be your responsibility to chase prospects or even risk losing your device. We have made the process of selling a used iPhone 4 simple and easy. If you have an iPhone 4 that is lying in your drawer, you can easily convert it into quick cash. Simply use our service to sell your iPhone 4 and get quick cash without having to overcome unnecessary challenges.

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